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Philippine Educational Theatre Association Laboratory

Ang Mga Halimaw sa Compound Z

My favorite of the evening was Sabrina Basilio’s dystopic Ang Mga Halimaw sa Compound Z, an inventive and brave rebuke of Philippine politics and media."

Vladimir Bunoan, ABS-CBN

Meron Pa Bang Mabuting Mag-aaral?

Isang Re-konstruksyon ng The Good Person of Szechwan’ ni Bertolt Brecht

Teatro Baguntao

Excellent work locating Brecht in the contemporary. . . The whole time I was reminded of an important quote from The Pedagogy of the Oppressed: "If the structure does not permit dialogue, the structure must be changed." 

Itos Ledesma

Antigone vs. the People of the Philippines

Tanghalang Ateneo

A fresh piece of imaginative, interactive theatre that was simply exhilarating, placing the audience at the center of a trial of the characters of the Greek tragedy but in an original conception that fits right in with the current Philippine socio-political situation, “placing justice in our hands,” making us decide on the guilt or innocence of the characters as we question our own values and positions in our present society.

Hango sa 'Lysistrata ni Aristophanes

Lysistrata ng Bakwit

Tanghalang Ateneo

Watching Lysistrata ng Bakwit is an opportunity to be reminded of the need to combine mind and body, spirit and soul in human affairs; the need to reexamine our nationhood in relation to the way we respond to threatening global forces; and the need to support one another in the work of art, which really brings us together, imparts insights and values that help us to live better in community.

Niccolo Vitug





Before [her debut as playwright,] she already had three indelible turns [in 2019] as featured actress—first, as the abused Martha Bessell in Ateneo Blue Repertory’s “Spring Awakening,” stealing the spotlight with just one number—“The Dark I Know Well.”


An online adaptation of Tony Perez' 'Sa North Diversion Road'

Direction: Serena Magiliw

Dramaturgy: Fitz Bitana

@nlex is an online adaptation of Tony Perez’ “Sa North Diversion Road” which weaves together Zoom footage, video games, dash cam footage, Messenger video calls, and other media to reflect on the fractured back-and-forth of a failing marriage. It was filmed by the actors and staff within their own homes and stitched together in post-production. 

By: Rocio Castillo, Isabella Darang, & Aleiana Duque

Direction:  Shaun Ocrisma & Danilo Vanquilar

Lamon-Babae is an online play inspired by the myth of one of the Philippines’ most fearsome creatures — the Manananggal. Set in the 17th Century, the story revolves around the origins of the Manananggal, questioning the perception of her as a monster. “Lamon-Babae” aims to push to the forefront women’s power to reclaim their freedom and agency, and the solidarity among survivors of oppression.

Written and directed by: Fujita Takahiro (mum&gypsy)

Translation: Guelan Luarca

Video direction: Mesuda Jitsuko

Ang mga Halimaw sa Compound Z 

Philippine Educational Theater Association - Laboratory

This was a biting socio-political commentary."

— Fred Hawson, ABS-CBN

My favorite of the evening was Sabrina Basilio’s dystopic ‘Ang Mga Halimaw sa Compound Z’, an inventive and brave rebuke of Philippine politics and media."

— Vladimir Bunoan, ABS-CBN

Basilio’s prose is commendable for its ambition in crafting this complex world.

— Nikki Francisco, Theater Fans Manila

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